News: Eccentrix

On September 5-7 at the Baltimore Comic Con, we will be debuting a new preview book for an upcoming title.

1924363_10152677500944875_4955951980612861318_nThe Eccentrix is written by James Maddox, illustrated by Rob Dumo. and colored by Nicholas Wentland.

News: Store Update

We will be taking the next day or so to completely overhaul our online store. Please be patient with us as we add and remove titles from our online store.

- Eric Watkins, Director of Operations

Review: The Man in the Kitty Coat

We handed one our upcoming titles, The Man in the Kitty Coat, over to Comic Bastards for its first ever review. Dustin and the incredible people at CB do a great job of informing you on the title and explaining why its a must read (or not).

MIKCSo, without further adieu, the first ever review of The Man in the Kitty Coat by Eric Watkins and Kevin Steward.

News: New Creator

We always strive to bring in top creators so that our titles can continue to be cutting edge and top of the line for independents and beyond. This is one is no different. Aimee Helsper is an incredible colorist who will be bringing her skills to Broken Icon for future titles.

“She has an incredible raw skill that I think will be a huge asset for us” says Director of Operations Eric Watkins. “She is going to wow some people when they see her work” he continued.

You can check out her profile under our creator tab, her WEBSITE or DEVIANT.

Welcome Aimee!