News: Upcoming

We have some changes happening in our front office as well to some of the titles we are producing. Stay tuned as we begin to flood our website and social media with these bits of news and information.

Also, make sure you click on the comics tab above and check out the new trailer on The Showdown’s page. Its a treat and a must not miss video.

Spotlight: Nicholas Wentland

We will continue our coverage of Broken Icon titles and creators leading up to the largest BIC gathering of the year, Tricon, in Huntington, WV on April 11th. These spotlights give us a chance to share more information about these books and creators with our fan base and gives us a chance to show you what great independent comics and the people that make them look like. Today we will be giving you a more in depth look at Nicholas “Iowa” Wentland. Yesterday he was featured on our Facebook and now we will do a more in depth look about the many things he has or is working on right now.

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News: The Showdown

We are always striving to bring new and creative titles to our lineup. We have already set an impressive 2015 with titles like Sevara, Rigel Raine, The Eccentrix, Alone, Tepes and G-Raver. We have taken it a step further as we work on ending 2015 with an incredible title that can lead us into 2016. Russ Lippitt and Tony Guaraldi-Brown bring that excitement with their title, The Showdown, the newest addition to the BIC lineup starting in October of 2015.

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