News: New Creator

We always strive to bring in top creators so that our titles can continue to be cutting edge and top of the line for independents and beyond. This is one is no different. Aimee Helsper is an incredible colorist who will be bringing her skills to Broken Icon for future titles.

“She has an incredible raw skill that I think will be a huge asset for us” says Director of Operations Eric Watkins. “She is going to wow some people when they see her work” he continued.

You can check out her profile under our creator tab, her WEBSITE or DEVIANT.

Welcome Aimee!

News: River City Comic Con

River City Comic Con is in the books and it was once again a really great time in our hometown of Marietta, Ohio. We had a full array of books there including a good amount of SPECIAL EDITION G-Raver, The Man in the Kitty Coat and Grocery Assassin.

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News: Broken Icon Racing?

What an awkward headline, Broken Icon Racing? Its a bit outside the box I know but its this kind of “outside the box” thinking that brings about these great opportunities. With that being said we here at Broken Icon Comics are so excited to announce this new stage of promotion, marketing and just plain fun.

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News: CBD Pinups

After a brief hiatus from posting pinups, we are back with another! Today we are posting this extremely well done and gorgeous piece by former BIC guy, Dave Snider.

David-SniderYou can check out more of Dave’s work on his WEBSITE.