Al Snow!!! and Head!

Broken Icon Comics is extremely excited to announce the brand new title, The Ballad of Al Snow and Head! Partnering with legendary pro-wrestler, Al Snow, BIC has put together an incredible team to deliver what promises to be one of the craziest books we’ve ever published.

Far from your average biopic style story, The Ballad of Al Snow and Head will feature all new, original adventures inspired by the madness of Al Snow’s entire persona and legend. A book with more than just wrestling, this book will take readers on a journey into the very world of Al Snow’s mind. Not to mention the trusty cohorts he’ll have along the way, Head, Pepper, and more, helping him along as the greatest superhero no one wanted, and can’t get rid of!

A multi-faceted adventure, this story will satisfy wrestling fans, adventure and comedy fans, and create a whole new audience for this already legendary figure.

Bringing to life a story penned by Eric Watkins, the creative team is primed to deliver greatness. With lines by Tommy Patterson (Game of Thrones), Nick Pitarra (Flex Mentallo, Manhattan Projects ), and colors by Nick Wentland (TMNT, GI Joe, Spread) the story will get the art it deserves to bring Al Snow’s audacious shenanigans to life. Rounding out the team is Ringo! nominated letterer Justin Birch, one of the best in the business, making sure this book is top tier at every level.

We will have a lot more details to share over the coming months, and can’t wait for everyone to see what we have in store for this incredible property.

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