Amanda Scharf

Normally extremely quiet, she found from an early age that she was more expressive with weird little scribbles that she’d eventually call her art than she was with words when she actually talked. So she decided to pursue art for a career, and did the whole nine-yards of going to art school for Illustration and Fine Art, only to land a full-time job as a graphic designer. As a way to vent from the creative restrictions of her graphic design work, she started abstract painting and picking up a crap ton of freelance opportunities to feed her true creative and expressive side. She’s often lost in thought when she’s not drawing and often drawing her thoughts when she gets a chance to hold a pencil or a paintbrush. On those occasions when she’s coherently doing something and not lost in thought, she can be found out in the field with her horse and her dogs. Amanda’s debut is the BIC title, Mallory.


Columbus, Ohio