Poggers and Rhombus Returns!

After an unexpectedly long mid-season break, Poggers and Rhombus return to Global Comix. Poggers and Rhombus is a comedy series about a couple of friends and the hijinks they get themselves into. P&R is based on true and grossly exaggerated stories from a group of real life friends.

The series is written by Eric Watkins, with stories by Jessica Carpenter and Buddy Samsel, illustrated by Ezequiel Pineda, colored by Erica Lonas and lettered by Nick Wentland.


The Adventures of Al Snow and Head Kickstarter

Broken Icon Comics and Al Snow are pleased to announce a new series, The Adventures of Al Snow and Head, featuring former WWE Superstar Al Snow and friends!

The Adventures of Al Snow and Head takes readers on another journey deep into Al’s mind, but this time Al is bringing friends. The premier issue will feature one of the truly legendary figures in all of wrestling, Chavo Guerrero Jr. From one of the most storied families in all of wrestling, Chavo is a former ECW Heavyweight Champion, 6x Cruiserweight Champion and 5x Tag Champion. 

“This team-up style comics offer unique storytelling opportunities. To make comics that bring these incredible personalities to light but in different worlds and scenarios is truly awesome.” -Eric Watkins 

Pre-sales will launch on Kickstarter 2/9/2022. This will give our fans, and the fans of these two incredible talents the opportunity to get limited items as well as items that will not be released to the general market. Kickstarter exclusives, limited edition metal prints, video shout outs, original artwork and autographs from Al and Chavo. 

The book is written by Eric Watkins with art by Michael Mayne (Bonnie Lass), colors by Nick Wentland (TMNT, GI Joe), and letters by Justin Birch (Miraculous, Birds of Prey). 

Sneak peeks and more information coming as we launch. Keep checking back, and be sure to back it.


The Adventures of Al Snow and Head

Finally! The Adventures of Al Snow and Head is ready for its much anticipated release. Al Snow returns for a new series of adventures, but this time, he’s bringing friends. In this debut issue Al Snow and Head team up with former cruiserweight champion and wrestling legend, Chavo Guerrero Jr. Journey with this zany crew as they take on Richard Murdoch, the baron of Judgement City.

Check back Monday, January 31 for pre-sale and release information.

The Adventures of Al Snow and Head featuring Chavo Guerrero Jr is written by Eric Watkins, illustrated by Michael Mayne, colored by Nick Wentland and lettered by Justin Birch.


Poggers and Rhombus!

Lets kick off 2022 with some laughs! Poggers and Rhombus Season One, a new comedy series will debut this month digitally. The episodic comic strip gives you a glimpse into the relationship of a couple friends and the hijinks that seem to surround them. Poggers and Rhombus is based on some true and grossly exaggerated stories from a group of real life friends.

Poggers and Rhombus is created by Eric Watkins, written by Eric Watkins, Buddy Samsel and Jessica Carpenter with art by Ezequiel Pineda and colored by Erica Lonas.

New episodes will be available every Monday starting January 10 for FREE exclusively at GlobalComix.


Quick Update

We’ve been going through some changes and working hard on upcoming projects. Unfortunately that means our social media and even our website updates have suffered. We wanted to take some time to enjoy the holidays and our families and we hope that you did too. We will soon be making announcements about titles, appearances and various other things we’ve been working on. There are some incredible announcements coming so stay tuned!


Grindstone Toys Announcement!

Broken Icon Comics is pleased to announce our project with Grindstone Toys on the upcoming CALLSIGN: LONGBOW™ comic.

“Grindstone Toys is excited to announce that a CALLSIGN: LONGBOW™ comic is officially in development with the team from Broken Icon Comics! This enables us to tell the LONGBOW™ story alongside action figure releases and present a fuller vision of the world we’re building.” Troy McKie, Grindstone Toys.  

“This comic will be an action packed introduction to the members of Team LONGBOW™ and their adversaries, setting them on a path for further adventures in the future. This first issue of the comic will be available as a free digital comic, and will be released either before or alongside the CALLSIGN: LONGBOW™ Series 1 Toy Kickstarter (coming in 2022)” he concluded.

Nick Wentland (TMNT, Army of Darkness, GI Joe) will be bringing this incredible world to life with Drax Gal (The Ballad of Al Snow and Head) illustrating and lettering by RINGO nominated letterer Justin Birch (Bird’s of Prey, Miraculous).

You can check out more about Team LONGBOW and the CALLSIGN: LONGBOW™ toys at Grindstone Toy’s WEBSITE.


The Next Ballad

Al Snow, Head and the rest of the gang are back for the second ballad!

This winter Al Snow and Head, the greatest American spies of all time, search high and low for Pepper, whose been kidnapped by Soviet Canada. From battling spies in the sky to fighting secret weapons of the Royal Coalition of Canadian Providences, the RCCP, Al Snow does it all.

The Ballad of Al Snow and Head is written by Eric Watkins, illustrated by Drax Gal (Monitor), colored by Nick Wentland (TMNT, GI Joe, The Ballad of Al Snow and Head) and lettered by former RINGO nominated letterer, Justin Birch (Bird’s of Prey, Miraculous, Frank).


The Ballad of Al Snow Kickstarter

Broken Icon Comics Launches New Series, The Ballad of Al Snow and Head, Featuring Former WWE Superstar, Al Snow.

Broken Icon Comics is thrilled to announce the release of The Ballad of Al Snow and Head. A comedic romp that takes us from the real world deep into the insanity of Al’s mind. The premier issue is set in a post-apocalyptic Louisville, KY, where Al’s misadventures lead him to underground societies, brutal Thunderdome-esque fighting rings, and the highest levels of government. 

Al Snow is the hero that no one asked for, and just can’t seem to get rid of. A blend of action, comedy, and parody come together in a tale unlike any other.

Teaming up with Al presented a unique opportunity for us. A chance to make a comic book featuring a wrestler without resorting to a biographical or generic wrestling book. The goal was to take what was great about Al’s character, and tell stories in such a way only comics could do. Why limit the adventures through Al’s insanity to the ring, or even the real world?

We’re launching a Kickstarter on 04/22. This gives us a chance to get this book out to the most people the quickest. By selling directly to the fans, you get not only first dibs on the book (with a Kickstarter Exclusive option, no less,) but also first access to limited edition metal prints and autographs from the man himself.

We put together a killer team for this one, and can’t wait for everyone to see how it turned out. The book is written by Eric Watkins with art by Tommy Patterson (Game of Thrones, Farscape), colors by Rob Dumo (Robyn Hood, KCNA) and Nick Wentland (TMNT, GI Joe), and letters by Justin Birch (Miraculous, Birds of Prey).

 “To say that I am excited and honored to have this comic book being published, based on myself and HEAD, would be an understatement. I will always be grateful for my professional wrestling career and my time being a WWE superstar. It has continued to give me amazing opportunities such as this.” -Al Snow

Going to be a lot of news on this one as we launch. Keep checking back for more info, and be sure to back it!


Monster Syndicate

The Monster Syndicate is a fresh take on the deep underworld of the Cosa Nostra. This series delves deep into a new mythology of crime lords, blending horror based monsters and creatures that go bump in the night with mafia-style drama and action.

King grew up in the system, abandoned as a child and raised by the streets of New York City. Now, King is King and controls New York through the crime families that sit at his table. Each family, a house of beasts, created by the ancient Sumerian God, Anu, rule the city and it’s underworld. Under King’s watchful eyes, the families operate, but who watches them when the King isn’t looking?

Monster Syndicate is an ongoing series written by Eric Watkins and illustrated by the newest BIC addition, Drax Gal. Monster Syndicate will be available in 2022!