Monster Syndicate

The Monster Syndicate is a fresh take on the deep underworld of the Cosa Nostra. This series delves deep into a new mythology of crime lords, blending horror based monsters and creatures that go bump in the night with mafia-style drama and action.

King grew up in the system, abandoned as a child and raised by the streets of New York City. Now, King is King and controls New York through the crime families that sit at his table. Each family, a house of beasts, created by the ancient Sumerian God, Anu, rule the city and it’s underworld. Under King’s watchful eyes, the families operate, but who watches them when the King isn’t looking?

Monster Syndicate is an ongoing series written by Eric Watkins and illustrated by the newest BIC addition, Drax Gal. Monster Syndicate will be available in 2022!


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‘Tis the season, so why not save some money! From now until December 6th if you make a purchase from our web store we will send a randomly selected graphic novel with your order for FREE! You can keep it for yourself or give it to a friend or loved one!


Monitor was selected to be part of the Urban…

Once again we are bringing recognition to one of BIC’s newest titles, Monitor by Damian Wampler. Monitor was just selected to be a part of the 2020 Urban Mediamakers Festival’s online event starting October 19th. 

“This is a great honor for myself, artist Elisabeth Mkheidze and colorist Łukasz Juśkiewicz. And of course to our cover artist Drax Gal, BIC Creative Coordinator Nicholas Wentland and BIC Chief Eric Watkins” said Wampler. 

Monitor is the story of Eric, a rogue Axon, and Talira, a Disconnected radical, as they race to escape the heavily-policed city-state and find freedom among the free-born peoples living on the fringes of society. Explore the ideas of connectivity, what freedom truly is and who makes the truth and its meaning. 

We are so proud of Damian and will keep supporting and rooting for him and his team! You can support these creators as well by checking out Monitor in the BIC store!


Monitor selected in AFIN festival award consideration!

Broken Icon Comics is proud to announce that Monitor has been selected as a possible candidate for an award from AFIN, among other great opportunities including the possibility of television and media producers considering the book for adaptation.

We would like to wish Damian Wampler and his entire creative team the best of luck with the AFIN judges, and will be supporting them every step of the way!

A word from Monitor’s creator and author, Damian Wampler:

Initally I set out  to make a thrilling and exciting graphic novel. My goal was to make a great comic that takes advantage of the visual freedom and sequential design of that artfrom . Of course I have hopes that one day Monitor can become a movie or a TV series and gain a wider audience, but this is with the understanding that they are two very different mediums. I believe that the themes and imagery could transcend any medium and resonate no matter the delivery.

This is because Monitor is a cautionary tale and a thrilling adventure. It is focused on interesting and nuanced characters, and offers what I truly believe is a great story before it is anything else. I am humbled and excited to have that belief vindicated in some small way by our inclusion into the  AFIN International Film Festival. This is a great opportunity to have Monitor reach a much wider audience.

I was psyched to see that a film festival was accepting graphic novel submissions. I felt Monitor was a perfect fit, and submitted it in its entirety. AFIN created this new category because they recognize the relationship between comics and the entertainment industry. It is a great honor to be selected to compete, and an opportunity that will yield great rewards no matter the outcome.


COVID 19 Update

BIC Logo

We just wanted to take this time to update everyone on BIC during this COVID 19 outbreak.

First, we are continuing to release titles. Outbreak or not, we aim to produce new stories and that will not change. 2020 has already seen the release of two new epic adventures; Bonecheck Volume 2: Wolves of Carnival Califax and Monitor. We’ve seen an incredible resiliency among all the creatives we work with from all over the world. With health and safety first and foremost, the drive and commitment to create comics has not been diminished. This doesn’t mean we’ve escaped making adjustments. Wickhaven Horror, Ice Harbinger and the much anticipated Ballad of Al Snow and Head have encountered various setbacks that could not be helped. Have no fear, they are still in current production. Pages are coming in every day, and we will update everyone on the new release schedule once it’s finalized.

Second, some shop items have been delayed. This includes the Exclusive Al Snow prints. The ever-complex mission of getting them signed by the creative team during quarantine goes on. Everyone is coordinating and working diligently to ship those in the next couple weeks. They are beautiful, and will absolutely be worth the wait. Some other titles may be affected, but we’re on top of making sure we have inventory of everything possible. Printers are understandably altering their hours to protect their employees from exposure, and shipping is more difficult. We’re doing our best to adjust and make sure everything is going out as quickly as possible.

Third, to say the convention season has been altered would be an understatement. There have been many cancellations and postponements. For us, that means that some shows will no longer be feasible, while others may open up in availability. That calls for a total rework of our show schedule for the remainder of the year. Once we get final information on a few shows, we will update our Upcoming Events page and share the new 2020 show calendar.

We want to thank all of you for your support over the years and let you know that we are thinking of all of you during this time. Be safe, be healthy, read comics!


Announcing Monitor, the newest addition to the BIC Library!

We are excited to announce that Monitor will be joining the Broken Icon library on April 1st!

Monitor is a cutting edge thriller set in the country of Seaboard, you are connected, or you are deleted. The network rules over all, and those who would choose to live as Disconnects find themselves hunted by Axons. Extensions of the network, these elite soldiers have one task: to protect the integrity of the network. 

Follow Eric, a rogue Axon, and Talia, a Disconnected radical, as they race to escape the heavily-policed city-state and find freedom among the free-born peoples living on the fringes of society. 

Explore the ideas of connectivity and what freedom truly is. Who makes the truth and what does it really mean? Who decides your fate in a world where computers know your every action and desire before you do. 

Monitor is written by Broken Icon veteran, Damian Wampler and illustrated by newcomer Elizabeth Mkheidze. Monitor will be available online starting April 1st!


Announcing The Red Harlequin, one of BIC’s newest titles!

Check out the latest press release featuring one of our newest titles, The Red Harlequin!

THE RED HARLEQUIN Signs Audio Publishing, Graphic Novel and TV Development Deals

(London, United Kingdom) – Pantomimus Media has announced  a trio of new deals for its multimedia YA fantasy brand The Red Harlequin: an audiobook publishing agreement with media development firm Dreamscape Media LLC; a graphic novel publishing deal with Broken Icon Comics; and a TV development partnership with Canadian content company Omnifilm Entertainment.

Media development company Dreamscape Media has acquired worldwide English audiobook rights to the original five novels in The Red Harlequinseries. Dreamscape Media offers distribution, marketing, and production services for audiobooks, eBooks, film, and documentaries, providing content both physically and digitally to customers, partners, and platforms around the world.

Releasing in May 2020, all five books will be available everywhere audiobooks are sold including Amazon, Audible, Recorded Books, iTunes, Google, Overdrive, and dozens of other digital audiobook resellers. The Red Harlequin audiobook collection will be also available on hoopla digital to over 5 million registered library patrons, Midwest Tape’s mobile and online service for public libraries. The YA Fantasy novels will join hoopla digital’s collection of more than 750,000 eBooks, audiobooks, albums, movies and television shows. The titles will also be available in the retail marketplace in MP3 CD and CD formats.

Catherine Zappa, Executive Director of Content & Strategy, Dreamscape Media, commented, “Dreamscape is thrilled to be bringing to life for audiobook listeners the adventures of The Red Harlequin.  Ricci’s dynamic and epic storytelling of the mysterious Harlequins are precisely what we search for in creating an exhilarating audio experience that will have listeners wanting more.”

In graphic novel news, Broken Icon Comics, one of the fastest growing independent comic companies in the industry, have acquired US print rights. The first two volumes will make up BIC’s tentpole summer releases with media blitzes leading up to their launch at San Diego Comic Con, the largest comic convention in the world. The books will be available for bookstores to order through BIC’s partner printer and the wholesale book registry, and to comic stores through their direct distribution channels.

The Red Harlequin Volume I sets up a world riven with war, and the political and religious elites that control the fates of all men and women. Fast paced and driven by the struggles of society, identity, and what it takes to survive, The Red Harlequin is a tale so powerful, one cannot help but be drawn into the world from the very first page. A perfect blend of fantasy world-building, religion and magic, political intrigue, and character driven stories, The Red Harlequin is a must read for anyone who loves unique and dramatic graphic novels.”

Nick Wentland, Creative Coordinator, Broken Icon Comics

The Red Harlequin presents an incredible opportunity for Broken Icon Comics to help bring these amazing graphic novels to the North American audience. Premiering at San Diego Comic Con, this graphic novel will be the pinnacle of our summer releases, and pave the way for building an entirely new audience hungry for poignant, relevant, and exciting stories such as this one. We are extremely excited to be one small part of the greater success the franchise is enjoying as a whole.”

Eric Watkins, Co-Founder, Broken Icon Comics

And finally, the development agreement with Omnifilm will work towards creating a high-end action adventure fantasy series. Based in Vancouver, OmnifilmEntertainmentis the production power behind The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco,a spin-off of the hit ITV period mystery series airing on Britbox, ITV, Citytv, and Netflix; Disney XD’s Mech-X4; the Disney Channel series Gabby Duran& The Unsittablesand Fast Layne; and Disney Channel’sOriginal Movie,Kim Possible. Scriptwriter and showrunner Robert Butler, recent BAFTA winner for Creeped Out, and Rick Porras (co-producer of The Lord of the Rings)are attached to the project.

Brian Hamilton, Principal and Executive Producer, Omnifilm, stated, “Audiences are hungry for stories which connect epic fantasy and escapism with the issues of today. The Red Harlequin book series was made for television and has serious international potential. Omnifilm is honoured to be working with such a talented team.’

Roberto Ricci,Creator and Director,Pantomimus Media, comments, “I am very excited to partner with companies that not only excel in their field, but also share our creative vision for developing The Red Harlequin as a global entertainment property. With its established track record, Omnifilm is perfectly positioned to forge a solid TV platform for the series. And Dreamscape is on the cutting edge of audio/video storytelling which – together with Broken Icon’s comic readers – opens up new avenues to reach new fans: a truly multiplatform approach.”

The announcement comes as three new foreign language editions of The Red Harlequin books were launched byFoliant Publishingin Russian, Kazakh and Turkish. The books are also published in English by Pantomimus Media.

The Red Harlequin is an epic saga that features Asheva, an aspirational teenager living in a complex world divided among Chrome Nations, where everyone lives hidden behind a mask. Development of the property is backed by Finnish Media Fund, IPR. For more information visit:

The Red Harlequin


About Pantomimus Media

Founded in 2018 Pantomimus Media is an entertainment company founded by content creator Roberto Ricci and media executive Lisa Hryniewicz. The UK-based company holds the rights to Ricci’s YA fantasy IP The Red Harlequin, and is backed by Finnish Fund IPR.VC, a venture capital fund which works exclusively in the media & entertainment industry.

About Omnifilm Entertainment

Omnifilm Entertainment recently completed THE BLETCHLEY CIRCLE: SAN FRANCISCO, a spin-off of the hit ITV period mystery series, which can be found on Netflix, BritBox, ITV and Citytv. Additionally, in the live-action kids space in 2018/2019, the company completed Season 2 of MECH-X4 for Disney XD, the Disney Channel Original Movie KIM POSSIBLE, the Disney Channel series FAST LAYNE, and Season 1 of Disney Channel series GABBY DURAN & THE UNSITTABLES. Season 2 of GABBY DURAN started production in January 2020.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Omnifilm is a vertically-integrated content company handling development, production and post-production, delivery, and distribution of brands on both traditional television and digital/VOD platforms.

About Dreamscape Media LLC

Dreamscape Media ( is a privately held media development firm focusing on production, distribution and licensing in publishing and video channels, with an emphasis on the library/educational market. The company produces fiction and non-fiction audiobooks, book-based children’s read-along video programs, and offers video distribution services. Titles are available to both library and retail channels in physical and digital formats. Dreamscape is the publishing arm of Midwest Tape – a trusted partner to public libraries for nearly 30 years.

Dreamscape Media has received hundreds of awards and accolades for high quality audio productions, dozens of starred reviews, and many “Best of the Year” lists, 13 Parents’ Choice Awards, eleven ALSC Children’s Notable recognitions, a Carnegie Medal for Excellence in Children’s Video, a dozen Audie Award nominations and awarded the 2019  Audie Award, and more than seventy AudioFile Earphones Awards.

About Broken Icon Comics

Founded in 2009 by Eric Watkins and James Maddox, Broken Icon Comics started with a simple goal: To make great, original comics.Since its auspicious origins in a taco joint, BIC has become one of the fastest growing independent comic companies in the industry. Focusing on horror as a mainstay, BIC has branched out into sci-fi, westerns, fantasy and supernatural thrillers, always looking for the best stories and artists to make the pages come alive.


Bonecheck Halloween is Here!

Bonecheck Halloween

It has finally come! We’re excited to bring you the Bonecheck exclusives we’ve been putting together. BIC and Camron Johnson wanted to do something really special this Halloween. For the spirit of the holiday, to continue the killer success of Bonecheck, and to try some new things we know everyone is going to love.

We’re always aware, and wary, of the popularity of collectible items and variant editions of books. They have to be done right. Bonecheck was a perfect choice with it’s unique imagery, and Camron’s unstoppable presence both at conventions and as a fast-rising creator. This is a book that sells tons of copies, doesn’t look like anything else out there, and is growing one of the most ravenous fanbases we’ve seen.

For all the fans, old and new, we wanted to create some things that were truly unique, and truly limited. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Everyone who manages to grab one of these packages, will have something special. We wanted to offer something we’d love to have in our own collections.

We sought out the best printers for what we wanted, to make sure these comics had the look and feel of the holo and prismatic books we remember and love. Not to mention the metal prints, which are in a league all their own.

So check out the front page or the store to see what we’ve cooked up for Halloween treats this year, and happy Halloween from BIC!!