Bonecheck Halloween is Here!

Bonecheck Halloween

It has finally come! We’re excited to bring you the Bonecheck exclusives we’ve been putting together. BIC and Camron Johnson wanted to do something really special this Halloween. For the spirit of the holiday, to continue the killer success of Bonecheck, and to try some new things we know everyone is going to love.

We’re always aware, and wary, of the popularity of collectible items and variant editions of books. They have to be done right. Bonecheck was a perfect choice with it’s unique imagery, and Camron’s unstoppable presence both at conventions and as a fast-rising creator. This is a book that sells tons of copies, doesn’t look like anything else out there, and is growing one of the most ravenous fanbases we’ve seen.

For all the fans, old and new, we wanted to create some things that were truly unique, and truly limited. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Everyone who manages to grab one of these packages, will have something special. We wanted to offer something we’d love to have in our own collections.

We sought out the best printers for what we wanted, to make sure these comics had the look and feel of the holo and prismatic books we remember and love. Not to mention the metal prints, which are in a league all their own.

So check out the front page or the store to see what we’ve cooked up for Halloween treats this year, and happy Halloween from BIC!!