Lex Con Claim Sale

If your missing out on Lexington Comic and Toy Con this weekend, we’ve got you covered. This year we’re going to try something new to coincide with the start of this amazing show. On Thursday March 23 we’ll do our first ever claim sale offering large discounts on signed, rare variants of Snowverse books and out of print metals.

So how will it work?

Thursday at 6 pm we will post up various covers, metals, prices and quantities. You can message us, comment or email to claim the books you want. Every book will come signed by writer Eric Watkins, colorist Nick Wentland and the star himself, Al Snow, unless otherwise specified. The claim sale will run until the quantities are gone or the show ends on Sunday March 26.

What if I’m just looking for a signed copy but can’t make the show?

You can also claim standard and retro copies signed by Al Snow and/or the creative team, your choice. So grab the newest copy of The Adventures of Al Snow and Head featuring Jessie Godderz or the classic Ballad of Al Snow and Head.

Now what about discounts? Books will already be discounted up to 30% but why stop there. If you order more than two items, you get FREE shipping! We’ll also add increasing discounts the more you buy; 3 books is 5%, 4 is 10%, 5 or more gets you 15% off! At the end of each day we will send out invoices but have no fear, if you decide to purchase something later, we will adjust invoices and discounts accordingly.

Numbers will be extremely limited so jump on and grab the covers you want before they are gone!

Lexington Comic and Toy Con

This weekend, from Thursday March 23 to Sunday March 26, we will be attending the Lexington Comic and Toy Con in downtown Lexington, Kentucky.

In addition to our incredible library we’ll have six new titles for this show; The Horror Show Remastered (Maddox, Beistel), Revenge of the Dragon (Watkins, Dumo.), Ice Harbinger (Watkins/Wentland, Bernuy), Wickhaven Horror (Watkins, Wentland, Bernuy) and two new Adventures of Al Snow and Head (Watkins, Mayne, Dumo.).

Attending with Broken Icon will be former WWE Superstar Al Snow. Al will be talking comics, wrestling and signing autographs from Friday to Sunday.

We’ll see you all this weekend but if you can’t make it, you can still get all our newest titles on our store and use code LEX for 10% off!

Ice Harbinger

What do you get when you take lumberjacks, the vast Northern Territories of Canada, toss in some magic, Viking burials, and top it off with a saber-tooth tiger? You get Ice Harbinger. This fresh modern action-fantasy has joined the Broken Icon library!

Ice Harbinger follows a team of specialized lumberjacks, ice-diggers, pulling ancient timbers from lakes and rivers far below the permafrost. A promising excavation turns bad when the ice gives way, swallowing up the team and their equipment. Beneath the ice they find themselves in tunnels and caves completely unknown. It is not long before their presence is discovered. An ancient tribe, wielding arcane magic, hunts the lumberjacks, punishing them for their trespass.They fight for their lives in this icy world, battling warriors, seers, and even extinct beasts, raised from the very ice around them. Can the lumberjacks survive the icy hell they’ve fallen into? What must be sacrificed to escape blue flame and beasts? How does one hope when there is only ice and darkness?

An action-adventure with monsters and magic elements, Ice Harbinger is fast paced and fresh. When was the last time you read a good Lumberjack story?

Ice Harbinger is written by Eric Watkins and Nick Wentland, illustrated by Angel Bernuy, colored by Autumn Beistel and lettered by Justin Birch. 

Revenge of the Dragon

We’re excited to show-off this brand-new creature feature! Revenge of the Dragon goes beyond the common lore of Dracula and presents readers another theory and an intriguing question. What if Dracula’s mysterious second son was the true monster? 

Revenge of the Dragon rips into a family blood feud hundreds of years in the making. After watching Mehmed II slay his father, Vlad Dracula, second-son Grigorii makes a pact with a dark figure, bringing upon him powers and curses unspeakable. Grigorii, using this new found power, hunts Mehmed’s bloodline to extinction. Across the globe, and through the centuries, there is no obstacle Grigorii cannot overcome in his bloodlust. What is the cost of centuries of bloodshed? What is the reward in the slaughter of a lineage? What remains when the desire for redemption has long faded away?

A new kind of vampire story for a world that needs new vampires.

Revenge of the Dragon is written by Eric Watkins, illustrated by Rob Dumo., colored by Giorgio Rosasco and lettered by Justin Birch.

Wickhaven Horror

This March we return to our roots in Horror. We’re excited to announce the release of our newest horror graphic novel, The Wickhaven Horror.

The Wickhaven Horror follows a motley crue of transients during The Great Depression, searching for work, shelter and food. As the strangers collect together to survive, they find themselves cast out of towns, turned away from camps, and navigating the empty open fields of Iowa. But more is looming than the imminent winter. Something lurks within the group. Trapped in an abandoned farmhouse by a terrible blizzard, these wanderers soon find the lines between man and monster blurred. Who do you trust when your friends begin to die? How do you survive when death can take the shape of someone you’ve known your entire life? How does it choose who to kill… and who will be next?

The Wickhaven Horror is written and created by Eric Watkins and Nick Wentland, illustrated by Angel Bernuy, colored by Nick Wentland and lettered by Justin Birch.

Horror Show Hardcover

2013 saw the original release of The Horror Show. A love letter to horror filled with clever riffs on all the classic tropes we’ve come to know and love.

Two friends take a weekend trip to an old cabin for a weekend of beers and relaxation. Things quickly take a turn for the worse when it’s revealed one of them is hiding a secret: The entire trip is a setup for a scare-tactics show. But when the action and excitement begin, a true horror is awakened in the woods…

The twists at the end of the story have delighted readers for a decade. From its beginning as a short story, to its release as a graphic novel, it has left readers with a lingering, deeper question: Who is the real monster? THS is critically acclaimed, having won awards and recognition among reviewers, readers and industry pros. This year, 2023, we’re excited to release the 10th Anniversary Edition of The Horror Show. 

This deluxe special edition hardcover features new cover artwork and remastered pages. In addition, a completely new bonus section has been curated featuring four new short stories, following up the events inThe Horror Show, a family tree following the monster throughout history, and a cover and art gallery featuring artwork from the entire run of the series. This new section features new writing and stories from creator, James Maddox, with original artist Todd Beistel returning to finish the final chapter of this iconic series.

The Horror Show is written and created by James Maddox, illustrated by Todd Beistel and lettered by Justin Birch, with contributions from Landon Franklin, Rob Dumo., Angel Bernuy.

Stingy Jack

Halloween is here! Stingy Jack dives into the mythos of the Jack O’Lantern in this classic Halloween comic. Head over to Global Comix and read Stingy Jack for FREE using this LINK!

Written by Eric Watkins and illustrated by Landon Franklin.

We’re LIVE!

The Adventures of Al Snow and Head is ready for its much anticipated release! Al Snow and Head team up with former Impact Wrestling Tag Champion and TV sensation Jessie Godderz in an off the wall comedy during a turn of the century carnival/wrestling spectacular. 

Pre-sales are live now through October 26 with plenty of exclusive covers and merchandise only available during the event. 

The Adventures of Al Snow and Head featuring Jessie Godderz is written by Eric Watkins, illustrated by Rob Dumo, colored by Nick Wentland and lettered by Justin Birch.

Use this LINK to visit the campaign.

The Swarm Arrives!

Broken Icon Comics, Al Snow and Mr. PEC-Tacular Jessie Godderz are excited to announce the newest journey into Al’s psyche! 

The Adventures of Al Snow and Head featuring Jessie Godderz takes us to the dawn of the 20th century to behold the Adonis & Family Circus and Wrestling Spectacular in lovely Floyd County, Iowa. As the company begins its shows through the Midwest, Mr. PEC-Tacular Jessie Godderz, the modern day Adonis, is brought in to take the company to new heights. The only problem is Al Snow and his horde of dwarves known as the Swarm. 

In this adventure Al is joined by two-time Impact Wrestling Tag Champion, the first and longest reigning OVW National Heavyweight Champion, a CBS Big Brother Legend and the host of Whacked TV. 

Pre-sales will launch exclusively on Kickstarter 10/7/2022. Use this LINK to check the campaign out. We will feature three covers including a campaign exclusive. You can also grab limited edition metal prints, video shout outs, original artwork and easily accessible and affordable autographs from Al and Jessie. 

The book is written by Eric Watkins with art by Rob Dumo (Robyn Hood, KCNA), colors by Nick Wentland (TMNT, GI Joe) and letters by Justin Birch (Miraculous, Birds of Prey).

Sneak peeks, more information and a plethora of other goodies will be available soon so keep checking back and don’t miss your chance to back this incredible book!

The Next Adventure!

The next adventure begins this summer! 

Get ready to go back to the dawn of the 21st century, where the Adonis & Family Circus Wrestling Spectacular in Floyd County, Iowa is about to kick off. As the company begins their trek through the Midwest, Mr. PEC-tacular Jessie Godderz, a modern day Adonis and mega-superstar, is brought on to take the company to new heights. There is only one problem: Al Snow and his horde of dwarves known as The Swarm.

When the great Mr. PEC-tacular, Jessie Godderz, is hired to be the new superstar attraction, he has no idea what he’ll be up against. It wasn’t competing companies, or even other wrestlers, but something far more unpredictable; Al Snow. Jessie soon finds out the whispers and legends fall far short of the truth. Al is not just crazy, he is something wholly unique. Jessie works hard to add his own special gravitas to the show, while Al Snow and The Swarm have something special in store for anyone who dare cross him or his new found talent.

Whether under the big-top, inside the ring, or among the other denizens of the circus, Al and Jessie provide a new adventure unlike any other. With characters that have to be seen to be believed, this journey into the Snowverse is sure to please current fans of the series, and the new fans we’ll bring into the craziness that is The Adventures of Al Snow and Head!

Joining wrestling legends, Al Snow and Head, is Mr. PEC-tacular Jessie Godderz. Jessie is a two-time Impact Wrestling Tag Champion, star of the CBS show Big Brother, and the longest reigning National Heavyweight Champion in the legendary OVW in Louisville, Ky.  

The book is written by Eric Watkins with art by Rob Dumo. (Robyn Hood, KCNH), colors by Nick Wentland (TMNT, GI Joe) and letters by Justin Birch (Miraculous, Birds of Prey).

Sneak peeks and more information coming soon!