There is only West for the wanderer, Draeburn. In search of the fabled dawn beyond the sunset, he rides across hellish landscapes, through cities where the forgotten linger, and into the lands of endless night. Guided by an unshakable will and ancient relics of a lost religion, nothing will stop him on the path through the abyss.

Accompanied by his only true friend, the gray mare, Myra, Draeburn is surrounded by souls that persist beyond death and powers that will stop at nothing to see him fail. But Draeburn carries with him the great arbiters, Loath and Ruin. With these revolvers in his hands, Draeburn will wash the land in blood before his journey is ended.

Dark and suspenseful, Draeburn’s journey is one of mystery, discovery and struggle. How far will the wanderer go to prove his belief is not misguided? How many bodies will pave the road to paradise?

How much would you sacrifice to finally rest after an eternity of suffering?

A full length novel from Nicholas Wentland and Thomas Clough. (This is not a graphic novel.)

Written by: Thomas Clough and Nicholas Wentland


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