Horror Show Hardcover

2013 saw the original release of The Horror Show. A love letter to horror filled with clever riffs on all the classic tropes we’ve come to know and love.

Two friends take a weekend trip to an old cabin for a weekend of beers and relaxation. Things quickly take a turn for the worse when it’s revealed one of them is hiding a secret: The entire trip is a setup for a scare-tactics show. But when the action and excitement begin, a true horror is awakened in the woods…

The twists at the end of the story have delighted readers for a decade. From its beginning as a short story, to its release as a graphic novel, it has left readers with a lingering, deeper question: Who is the real monster? THS is critically acclaimed, having won awards and recognition among reviewers, readers and industry pros. This year, 2023, we’re excited to release the 10th Anniversary Edition of The Horror Show. 

This deluxe special edition hardcover features new cover artwork and remastered pages. In addition, a completely new bonus section has been curated featuring four new short stories, following up the events inThe Horror Show, a family tree following the monster throughout history, and a cover and art gallery featuring artwork from the entire run of the series. This new section features new writing and stories from creator, James Maddox, with original artist Todd Beistel returning to finish the final chapter of this iconic series.

The Horror Show is written and created by James Maddox, illustrated by Todd Beistel and lettered by Justin Birch, with contributions from Landon Franklin, Rob Dumo., Angel Bernuy.

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