Lexington Comic and Toy Con

This weekend, from Thursday March 23 to Sunday March 26, we will be attending the Lexington Comic and Toy Con in downtown Lexington, Kentucky.

In addition to our incredible library we’ll have six new titles for this show; The Horror Show Remastered (Maddox, Beistel), Revenge of the Dragon (Watkins, Dumo.), Ice Harbinger (Watkins/Wentland, Bernuy), Wickhaven Horror (Watkins, Wentland, Bernuy) and two new Adventures of Al Snow and Head (Watkins, Mayne, Dumo.).

Attending with Broken Icon will be former WWE Superstar Al Snow. Al will be talking comics, wrestling and signing autographs from Friday to Sunday.

We’ll see you all this weekend but if you can’t make it, you can still get all our newest titles on our store and use code LEX for 10% off!

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