Data is the only currency. Privacy is the only crime. In the country of Seaboard, you are connected, or you are deleted. The server rules over all, and those who would choose to live as Disconnects find themselves hunted by the Axons. These elite soldiers have one task: to protect the integrity of the network. Follow Eric, a rogue Axon, and Talia, a Disconnected radical, as they race to escape the heavily-policed city-state and find freedom among the free-born peoples living on the fringes of society. Explore the ideas of connectivity and what freedom truly is. Who makes the truth and what does it really mean? Who decides your fate in a world where computers know your every action and desire before you do? What would you sacrifice to be free?

Written by: Damian Wampler. Art by: Elisabeth Mkheidze. Colors by: Łukasz Juśkiewicz.

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