Monitor selected in AFIN festival award consideration!

Broken Icon Comics is proud to announce that Monitor has been selected as a possible candidate for an award from AFIN, among other great opportunities including the possibility of television and media producers considering the book for adaptation.

We would like to wish Damian Wampler and his entire creative team the best of luck with the AFIN judges, and will be supporting them every step of the way!

A word from Monitor’s creator and author, Damian Wampler:

Initally I set out  to make a thrilling and exciting graphic novel. My goal was to make a great comic that takes advantage of the visual freedom and sequential design of that artfrom . Of course I have hopes that one day Monitor can become a movie or a TV series and gain a wider audience, but this is with the understanding that they are two very different mediums. I believe that the themes and imagery could transcend any medium and resonate no matter the delivery.

This is because Monitor is a cautionary tale and a thrilling adventure. It is focused on interesting and nuanced characters, and offers what I truly believe is a great story before it is anything else. I am humbled and excited to have that belief vindicated in some small way by our inclusion into the  AFIN International Film Festival. This is a great opportunity to have Monitor reach a much wider audience.

I was psyched to see that a film festival was accepting graphic novel submissions. I felt Monitor was a perfect fit, and submitted it in its entirety. AFIN created this new category because they recognize the relationship between comics and the entertainment industry. It is a great honor to be selected to compete, and an opportunity that will yield great rewards no matter the outcome.