Monitor was selected to be part of the Urban…

Once again we are bringing recognition to one of BIC’s newest titles, Monitor by Damian Wampler. Monitor was just selected to be a part of the 2020 Urban Mediamakers Festival’s online event starting October 19th. 

“This is a great honor for myself, artist Elisabeth Mkheidze and colorist Łukasz Juśkiewicz. And of course to our cover artist Drax Gal, BIC Creative Coordinator Nicholas Wentland and BIC Chief Eric Watkins” said Wampler. 

Monitor is the story of Eric, a rogue Axon, and Talira, a Disconnected radical, as they race to escape the heavily-policed city-state and find freedom among the free-born peoples living on the fringes of society. Explore the ideas of connectivity, what freedom truly is and who makes the truth and its meaning. 

We are so proud of Damian and will keep supporting and rooting for him and his team! You can support these creators as well by checking out Monitor in the BIC store!