Photo of Nick Wentland

Nick Wentland

Nick Wentland is a comic book artist and writer from Des Moines, IA. He has a growing number of published credits with various independent companies, leading to his recent work on titles such as Spread, Army of Darkness: Furious Road, and TMNT. A multi-faceted artist, his credits cover almost the entire gamut of comic creation from lines and colors to writing, editing, and publishing. In 2017 he was part of over a dozen published releases including the release of his first novel, Draeburn, co-written with fellow Iowan, Thomas Clough. Some of Nick’s other credits include Traitor’s Grace, The Wickhaven Horror, Army of Darkness, Spread, G.I. Joe, Cowboy Gauntlet, Thomas Coe, Blessed Dark, G-Raver, Mallory, Eccentrix, Canada Jack, and more.

BIC Creative Coordinator

Writer, Colorist, Penciler, Letterer

Omaha, Nebraska