Submission Guidelines

BIC is not currently hiring writers for any internal projects. However, if you are a writer with your own creator-owned project, then please read the section regarding completed, creator-owned submissions.

Send up to seven pages of sequential art. If you are interested in doing art for a particular series, be sure to mention it in the body of the email and make sure your sample reflects that style. Otherwise, choose the very best work that emphasizes your strengths as an artist.

These are to be sent to Rob Dumo.

Send up to seven pages of  before-and-after sequential art. In order for us to see how well you shine as an inker, we need to see pencils as well. As with all sample art, make sure it reflects your best work and emphasizes your talents.

These are to be submitted to Rob Dumo.

Send up to seven pages of colored sequential art and up to two pages of cover art. We are looking for artists that can really bring a panel to life,that has a distinct style and the ability to shift to differing stories and themes, so be sure to submit samples that are somewhat diverse.

These are to be submitted to Nick Wentland.

Creator Owned Titles
Creator-owned titles are books that are either completed, or have the team and resources in place to complete the work. We are NOT SOLICITING any titles in which we put artists to your work. When submitting, please have a creative team ready and submit to our Director of Operations, Eric Watkins. Submit a completed issue along with a synopsis for the entire story. Please also include the names of your art team, and the expected length of the book(s). Be sure that your ideas are your own and the title does NOT have interest owned by another party.

By sending us a submission you are acknowledging that you, of your own volition, are sending us materials with no guarantee of response or return of materials. We are not soliciting submissions but accepting them, there is a difference. If we like your submission, we will be in contact.

Send all creator owned submissions to Eric Watkins, Eric@brokeniconcomics, with the subject line “Submission.”

All mail submissions should be sent to this address:
Submission Editor
Broken Icon Comics
PO Box 4091
Marietta, OH 45750