The Adventures of Al Snow and Head Kickstarter

Broken Icon Comics and Al Snow are pleased to announce a new series, The Adventures of Al Snow and Head, featuring former WWE Superstar Al Snow and friends!

The Adventures of Al Snow and Head takes readers on another journey deep into Al’s mind, but this time Al is bringing friends. The premier issue will feature one of the truly legendary figures in all of wrestling, Chavo Guerrero Jr. From one of the most storied families in all of wrestling, Chavo is a former ECW Heavyweight Champion, 6x Cruiserweight Champion and 5x Tag Champion. 

“This team-up style comics offer unique storytelling opportunities. To make comics that bring these incredible personalities to light but in different worlds and scenarios is truly awesome.” -Eric Watkins 

Pre-sales will launch on Kickstarter 2/9/2022. This will give our fans, and the fans of these two incredible talents the opportunity to get limited items as well as items that will not be released to the general market. Kickstarter exclusives, limited edition metal prints, video shout outs, original artwork and autographs from Al and Chavo. 

The book is written by Eric Watkins with art by Michael Mayne (Bonnie Lass), colors by Nick Wentland (TMNT, GI Joe), and letters by Justin Birch (Miraculous, Birds of Prey). 

Sneak peeks and more information coming as we launch. Keep checking back, and be sure to back it.