The Showdown Volume II

In this second installment of The Showdown, we begin to see the car clubs battle to the death in a high-octane, piston-pumping death race to end all races. Spud and his rockabilly werewolves are first out of the gates as they race against the hot-rodding Freak, and we will finally find out, what in the Hell is that thing? In another circle of Hell, Billy and the Double Damned face off against those Oi swine from across the river of Styx. Do those greasers have what it takes to beat those boarish skins? We also revisit the lovely zombie pinup girls, The Deadbelles, as they square off against that skeleton motorcycle club, the Bone Crusaders. And how will The Mischiefs fare in Limbo as they battle a force more evil than Samhain himself? Is it even possible?13 hellish car clubs will be violently whittled down to six. Plus, we have a surprise racer entering the battle. Who could it be? I’ll give you a hint: some call him a joker, others call him a rock god. One thing I can say, he has the need, the need for speed…

Written By: Russ Lippitt, Illustrated by: Ezequiel Piñeda, Colored By: Nae Ed


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