Traitor’s Grace

Dylan Worth is a Union sniper fighting his own war. Killing men on both sides of the line, his sole mission is to protect his brother who fights for the Confederacy. His world shatters when his brother dies, and he is captured, branded a traitor. Upon his escape, he is thrust into a battle of survival, and a need to find a new identity. A man with no country, he finds himself surrounded by enemies on all sides. He finds slave rebellions, possessed killers, reluctant allies, and even love. The war for his soul overshadows the battles of the war, and the questions of who he is and why he fights haunt him every moment. Set in a Steampunk world where America is built upon huge machine-cities and slavery, war and intrigue, Traitor’s Grace is a Civil War story unlike any other.

Written By: Nicholas Wentland and Thomas Clough. Illustrated By: Landon Franklin. Colored By: Robert Nugent.